Break-ups make bodybuilders.
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Trail and Ultra
Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.
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Niki Ilic: Alvin Ailey dance school @ vsco cam #newyork on We Heart It.
#aprilintentions day 23: Bound Angle pose
Today’s intention: to stay calm

April intentions taken at California Adventure yesterday. Day 23: bounded angle pose. 
Today’s intention is to listen to my body which recently has been hating me

Day 23 - Bound angle pose
This reminds me of warming up in ballet, and therefore of my nine year old self who did 100 cartwheels in a row regularly, hung out in the splits while reading on the living room floor and spent hours learning to walk on her hands in handstand. Today’s intention is to be more like that girl again!

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Klaus doesn’t seem to think this is a difficult pose